Sick of inexplicable aches and pains during exercise?

Movements just hurt, and you're clueless as to why?

Is the snap, crackle and pop of your joints louder than your actual footsteps?


Human beings are not fragile. In an age when the slightest deviation from classic exercise 'form' is classed an 'dangerous', no wonder we have all been convinced we are weak and breakable. 

This is not so. Flexing your back under load will not make it explode. A reasonable lockout of your joints under load will not lead to disfiguration and injury. Optimal exercise form can be defined as the most safe, efficient way of moving load - but we will all have a different way of doing so. 

Your physio gave you a vague, generic explanation and told you to strengthen the posterior chain, whatever that means. Yet, your knee still hurts, back is going, and the internet provides a million plausible explanations all of which are rendered useless in practice. 

Unless there is an evident reason for your joint pain, such as a direct blow or an osteopathic degenerative disease, pain is incredibly multifactorial - your left lower back flaring up could simply be bearing the brunt of a malfunctioning right glute, which is malfunctioning because of your foot's inadequate ability to pronate. 

Everything in the human body is connected. No part will function well in isolation, and there is no sense at assessing seemingly random pain in isolation. My teenage years of mindless lifting and forgoing structure took their toll, as I tore rotator cuffs, discovered I had scoliosis and a thoracic spine so stiff it may as well be a fire pole, as well as numerous other mobility deficits and imbalances that were making doing what I loved the most unbearable. 

I created this service to help individuals sick of feeling fragile, helpless, in pain, or stuck in their training - painful movement shouldn't be normalised, and neither should you settle for it. 



All in-person PT bookings occur at The Gym Group in Oxford, Headington - to enter, you must have a valid membership or a day pass. Please use the Gym Group website to sign up: