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Showing resilience in the face of adversity is a part of life

Resistance training saved mine. 

I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 4 Nutritional Advisor as well as a full-time bodybuilder and hybrid athlete; I understand that fitness and diet can feel like a second job. 

So, let's at least make it one that pays well.

Your power is already there - I'm just here to help you find it.


I've been chasing physique goals since the age of seventeen, but not always through the healthiest means.

Relying on a bunch of nonsense from social media and my own erroneous judgement, my body went from one extreme to another.

I used exercise as a form of escapism, which worked well for my mind but wrecked my body - one of the most valuable lessons I've learned was that more is NOT always better. 

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You are an individual, and you will be treated as such. All my programmes are bespoke, and take into consideration your  unique physiology. Exercise should work with your body, not against it. 


All physical change starts with diet. I will give you calorie and macro targets, with the option of a stricter meal plan if you woul like one. The only diet I promote is one that works for you - my motto is: 

'What gets measured, gets improved.'


My goal is for you to come out of each session having learnt a little bit more about fitness and yourself. I aim to create independent, confident exercisers in charge of their own body. 


Your daily habits like sleep and hydration all accumulate into a picture of your health, and will affect your performance. I take this into consideration through a lifestyle tracker where you record data such as quality of digestion, cravings and stress levels. 


I am not just here to stand and count your reps - instead, I serve as a point of guidance, accountability, and support. My Whatsapp is available 24/7 - you ask a question, you'll have an answer.


I believe in every human being's capacity for change - however, for optimal results, the change requires a structured, step-by-step approach. I am not promising you that it will be easy - but I can promise you that I will make the journey as smooth as it can be. 

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Mark Roper's Weight Loss Seminar, 2022

Since then, I have made it my life's purpose to continuously educate myself on working with the human body - in a healthy, sustainable and optimal manner. 

Alongside obtaining multiple qualifications (L3 Personal Trainer, L3 Exercise Referral, L4 RSPH Nutritional Advisor) and working with some of the top coaches in the industry (Lewy Blackmore, Ash Grossman and Mark Roper), I also believe fitness is about practicing what you preach.

After trying out powerlifting, crossfit and running, I returned to where I began - bodybuilding. 


Over time, I've developed my own training style and philosophy based on functionality and adaptability. 

I firmly believe that fitness is completely unique - joint pain during training is not something you have to endure, and not every exercise will suit everyone...

But movement is universal to human beings, and my goal is to make it as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. 

Future Fit L3 Exercise Referral Practical, 2022

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